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zpLibrary: Java Scientific Resource

NOTE: By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the terms of the zpLibrary License Agreement.

Download zpLibrary. Size: 100k - version 10 / 1998. Documentation is included. Mirror site: zpLibrary (zpClasses are the source code), Documentation, my complete java works with Source Code (only for academic use, need permission for commercial use & redistribution)!


"zpLibrary" is a collection of some java classes which I wrote for my own purpose. Use it as is, with NO warrities. Updates are documented as I have time. Suggestions are always welcome (please, send them with source code). Send improvements, comments and bug reports to . Please tell me whether you know similar works in Java.

I beleive that evolution comes with information. And internet must be used for information exchange, not for useless pages/pictures/applets. Sharing my work results through the web, I hope this helps to build a better world. This is the real purpose of internet & University.

Author: Zoltan Paulinyi ( )
Homepage: => Java Resource
: not regular.
Official Java Resource: Gamelan.

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Software para Macintosh

Estes foram programas desenvolvidos somente para Macintosh usando CodeWarrior até 1998. Como era um pobre estudante, tinha que aguentar meu bom e velho Mac LCIII de 25Mhz em casa.

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